Monday, October 12, 2009

Changing Up Your Game

Well its been awhile since I was here last, I have continued to watch and play poker and it hasen't changed since that the last post. A few friends have started playing better, which gives me hope that you can start out a terrible player and improve over time. Some though still think they are god's gift to poker and haven't changed a bit.

When you get stuck in a rut doing the same thing over and over again and people tell you that you need to change up your game it really is good advice, but on the other hand it is hard to do that when your used to playing one way.

So my advice to all you who need to change up your game is to start out slow and suttle or the people who know how you play will pick up on it, no need to give them a new read and realize that you changing up your game.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Poker Books, Women and TV

I watch the televised poker tournaments, what I have observed is that there is not much difference in the way the Pro's play, and some people I have played with. The Pro's seem to be more disciplined and more aggressive. I have come across some very aggressive poker players who think they are Pro's, some who play like Gus Hanson, and call anything and some who play like Dan Harrington a very solid tight player.

The women who play Pro Poker are an exception to the rule, at least in my opinion. I watch the World Poker Tour last night and JJ Liu came in 2nd and according to the person who was watching with me said she plays just like the women we play with. According to him women don't raise enough before the flop and are not aggressive enough. Maybe that is the reason women don't make it to the final table as often as men. I think the women who do play poker professionally have some pretty big balls to battle it out with men!

Kudos's to all the women who take on the men at the poker table, professional or not.

I just read part of the poker book "Super System" by Doyle Brunson which you could probly find at but I could only get through the first few chapters. To me it is not very interesting, I have to be captivated and intrigued to get to the end of the book. It is a big book and there are some good strategies and very good advice in it, but I guess I will see if I can find another Poker Book that will keep me interested. Of course poker players of all sorts say it's the book to read if your serious about poker.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Know - it - all's at Barpoker

Have you ever played poker at a bar, you know (barpoker) well I went last week just to see what all the hoopla is about. I was having a perfectly good time till one lady piped up and had to correct my play! I had pocket 8's, she was out of the hand so I showed her, (guess I'll never do that again) she said I had played it all wrong.

In her words "In the poker books it says when your in early position with a medium pocket pair never raise, just call to see if you hit trips" I really wanted to slap her, why do people think they should tell you how to play cards! I would never consider to tell someone what to do in position or out of position, especially if I don't even know them! Why would someone want to make me better at cards, so I can beat them?, if they are so good, why aren't they professional poker-players?

Well maybe I should contemplate on buying some of these "poker books", maybe I am the Idiot! I don't know, I was seeing if my 8's were good. Can someone recommend a good poker book. I might just buy it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chip leader to Tilt!

Hey, I had a relative come over to play in our weekly home poker game and I could not believe his attitude. He had it in for me from the get go!, he was out to get me, It didn't matter what I had in my hand or how many chips I had, he was gonna beat me.

I could not figure out why, then he told me. He said it was because 6 months previous we were heads up, and when it gets down to the last 2 people in our game, we can either split or play it out (winner take all), well I wanted to play it out, I was short stacked so I figured, if I was gonna lose why not go all the way. Well suffice to say he was not pleased, I did come back to win it!

Well he carried this rage with him for 6 months, untill he was here again to play. I didn't last long enough for him to take me out, but he continued to play, when they were heads up ( and he was chip leader) the other guy offered to split, but since he was still steaming from my beat over him 6 months previous , he refused and ended up losing for the second time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poker Idiots

Since I have been playing poker, I have come across some of the stupidest people who think they know what they are doing, either in a home game or online, and during tournaments. Call me "stupid" but when I am holding 2 big cards, and the people you are playing with know how you play, they would fold right?, Not always.
During a tournament I had one guy call me with 8-10 off suit and I was holding AQ suited. I was all in to boot, of course he beat me, he caught an 8. I personally think if you're gonna play cards with any kind of seriousness, ( I am not some great player) but come on, if you're playing for some reasonable amount of money don't be and IDIOT!
I play in tournaments most of the time, I wish they would not allow people who are drunk (from the begining) to play. If you want to drink at the onset of the game fine, great, I have no problem with that, but who likes to battle a drunk who calls everything and never goes away even when you are trying to bet them out, then they catch, it just pisses me off!.
How about the people who say "This is my first time playing, bear with me" and then look at you with that innocent look. Bullshit! they know what there doing, it's all part of there game. Especially women!